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Escorted United States Tours

A vacation to the United States offers a vast variety of interesting places to visit. Some of the best places to travel in the United States include the National Parks, the historic Eastern seaboard, the inviting southern states, the scenic Pacific Northwest and the trips along the west coast. Each area explored on a U.S. vacation offers a different experience due to the diverse history and cultures of the country. The landscapes are ever changing as well Only in the US can you enjoy autumn in the northeast with its vibrant hues as well as the desert landscapes of the west.

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A variety of escorted tours can be explored in the United States. Tours in the Northeast boast many of the iconic historical sights of Boston, Philadelphia and New York. You can take in the Jazz and Blues in the vibrant cities of New Orleans, Nashville and Memphis. Out west the National parks are a must see including the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Bryce National Park. California is also a wonderful place to tour with visits to Hollywood, Disneyland, San Francisco and Napa, the California wine country.

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A view of Mount McKinley that can be seen on an Alaska vacation


Alaska vacations showcase the best of this breathtaking region. Snow-capped peaks, glaciers calving, whales breaching, fields of vibrant flowers, quaint villages, colorful totems, fascinating museums, Iditarod dogs, fresh air and awe-inspiring natural wonders are among the highlights the entire family will find here. Anchorage, Sitka, Glacier Bay, Denali National Park, Fairbanks, Seward and Kenai Fjords are some of delightful places one may visit on these captivating tours. Explore the Last Frontier by air, rail and sea immersing yourself in every aspect of this spectacular destination and experience for yourself why guests from around the world visit annually.

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View the Statue of George Washington in Boston as well as a host of other historic sites on an eastern United States vacation

Eastern United States

Eastern United States vacations are brimming with history, culture, natural wonders, captivating sounds, delicious flavors and much more. Beautiful lighthouses, lush forests, fresh seafood, a variety of museums, incredible mansions, sleepy seaside villages, world-renowned universities, famous battlefields and bustling cities are among the many wonders of this popular destination. These trips also make wonderful family vacations with their vast selection of exciting activities for all interests and abilities. Guests easily immerse themselves in tours visiting these areas and at the end of their vacation, continuously leave knowing they will be back again.

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An aerial landscape view of beautiful Kauai showing the dramatic Na Pali coast on a Hawaii vacation


Hawaii vacations are near the top on the bucket lists of many travelers, check it off yours! Romance and rainbows make this an ideal honeymoon destination. Also popular for anniversaries and family travel, all ages will find a multitude of fascinating attractions. See the differences between the gorgeous islands. These stunning islands are far more than palm trees and beautiful beaches, although there is an abundance of both. Impressive volcanoes, lovely museums, the tickle of frangipani scented breezes on your skin, exciting watersports, festive luaus, vibrant botanical gardens, World War II history, rich cultures and National Parks are among the highlights continuously drawing visitors from around the world.

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An impressive view of the Grand Canyon that can be enjoyed on a National Parks vacation

National Parks

A National Parks vacation seamlessly merges natural wonders with man-made marvels. Witness some of the most precious gems of the United States in Arches National Park, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Crater Lake among others. Breathtaking views, clean air and blue skies host your exploration of majestic mountains, historic monuments, deep gorges, immense canyons, steaming hot springs, thundering waterfalls, rich culture and local wildlife. All of the parks are brimming with wonder and they’re quite different which is why each one is more fantastic than the last.

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Explore Bourbon Street in New Orleans on a southern United States escorted vacation

Southern United States

Southern United States vacations are a fantastic way to explore exciting cities and histories of music, sports, architecture and more. Gain insight into legendary southern hospitality as your tour may include visits to such states as South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee. Explore the Great Smoky Mountains. Meander through museums and music hotspots, learn about historic figures and plantation life, explore Churchill Downs and the Louisiana bayou. Delve into Native American roles in this region. Enjoy tastings at local distilleries and try the delicious flavors each area is noted for. Local specialists ensure you gain insight into this colorful region.

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A view of the stunning Golden Gate Bridge that can be seen on a Western United States tour

Western United States

A Western United States vacation brings stories of the past to life along with modern architecture and innovation. Many of these tours make wonderful family vacations. Delve into cowboy lore, Native American history, seafaring life, immense mountains, expansive valleys, flowing rivers and well-known towns. Visit western U.S. points of interest in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. From high energy Las Vegas to beautiful Big Sky Country and beyond, travel the trails blazed by early pioneers heading west. With stops at historic ports, bustling markets, working ranches and iconic Route 66 you’ll find thrills for all ages.

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