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Europe Vacations

Europe Vacation Packages

A Europe vacation is something that many have dreamed about. Planning a Europe trip doesn’t have to be difficult. Booking a Europe vacation package simplifies the process as they generally include transportation, accommodations, meals and most sightseeing. Europe vacation packages let you discover a variety of destinations including Great Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Scandinavia, and beyond. On a European vacation you can explore ancient castles, stroll through cobblestone streets in smaller towns and villages, view landscapes once painted by master artists and enjoy the local culinary favorites as you travel.

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The perfect Europe vacation will mean different things to different people. While everyone will want to visit Europe’s most iconic sights such as Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice or Buckingham Palace, every traveler will have their own vision of their dream European vacation experience. For art aficionados Europe houses some of the most renowned art and history museums in the world. Europe’s vibrant history can be seen all around you. From ancient to modern, history buffs will be inspired by the ancient Greek temples, see history come to life at the Roman coliseum and feel the emotion at the World War II landing beaches. The panoramas of Europe are simply stunning. View the emerald green hills of Ireland, the remarkable Alpine vistas and take in the shimmering seas of the Mediterranean. Whether you are travelling as a couple, a family or with a group of friends, a Europe vacation package will turn your dream into a reality.

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View of the beautiful Alpine lakes on an escorted Austria vacation


An Austrian vacation combines the stunning natural beauty of the Alps and peaceful mountain lakes with a rich history and culture. In Austria, surrounded by the dramatic Alps, classical music fills the air as you explore the cities of Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Linz. Stroll through quaint alpine villages and enjoy the coffee and pastries that Austria is so well known for.

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View of the gardens facing the Royal Palace on an escorted Belgian tour


Delight in a Belgium vacation as this tour offers many of the beautiful country’s enticing features. Located in Western Europe between France and Germany, it is bordered by the North Sea. In the southeast, are the spectacular mountains of the Ardennes Forest. Discover romantic canals, medieval streets and markets, a royal palace, waterfront windmills, as well as its acclaimed architecture.

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View of Dubrovnik that can be enjoyed on an escorted Croatian vacation


A Croatia vacation package offers tours that are rich in history, feature visits to ancient cities and towns, and boasts stunning beaches on the Adriatic Sea backed by rugged mountains waiting to be explored. Croatia is a delightful vacation destination where you can discover Roman ruins and hilltop medieval castles and stroll through cobblestone laden villages. Located just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, the stunning ocean views, natural wonders and fascinating history make Croatia a perfect vacation destination.

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View of Prague on an escorted Czech vacation

Czech Republic

A Czech Republic tour will take you to fascinating places. Also known as Czechia, the Central European country is bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. The Czech Republic has a fascinating history going back centuries and is filled with charming villages, medieval towns, rugged woods and the magical capital city of Prague, with golden colored architecture, situated on the banks of the Vltava River.

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View of the beautiful Copenhagen harbor on an escorted vacation to Denmark


A Denmark tour offers an exceptional vacation choice, with activities and attractions for every member of the family and all age groups. The Scandinavian country is comprised of the Jutland Peninsula and several islands and is located in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic and the North Seas. Once the home of Vikings, today it is and cultural-rich country with cosmopolitan cities, world-class dining, open spaces and natural beauty. Admire minimalist architecture, Medieval forts and fairytale castles.

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Beautiful view of the Helsinki harbor on an escorted Finland vacation


Let a Finland tour open a world of surprises as you discover this unique Northern European country. Located in Northern Europe, this fascinating Scandinavian country counts Sweden, Norway and Russia as neighbors. It features lush forested lands, saunas and the perfect place to witness the Northern Lights. Discover a unique history, magnificent buildings and gorgeous landscapes.

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Aerial view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower on an escorted vacation to France


Discover the many wonders of cultural France, from cosmopolitan city, highlighted by Paris, the world-class museums, shops and dining at this culinary, to the Loire Valley, with fairytale châteaux. Savor exquisite food and wine in this culinary capital, visit Normandy’s historic landing beaches, breathtaking gardens, a spectacular coastline and impressive monuments. View the sparkling Eiffel Tower and tantalize your taste buds with legendary French bread and other mouthwatering delights. Fabulous France has it all.

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View of the Danube river on an escorted vacation to Germany


Enjoy a German vacation that is filled with natural beauty, historic buildings and a unique culture. This Central and Western European country features stunning landscapes of lush forests, rivers, majestic mountains, the Danube and Rhine rivers and beaches along the North Sea. Discover many enchanting places in this land of fairytale castles, charming villages and iconic cities. Learn about its architecture, monuments, food and history during your fun trip here.

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View of London and the Thames river on an escorted Great Britain vacation

Great Britain

A vacation to Great Britain & Northern Ireland includes some of the world’s most incredible history, culture and spectacular scenery. Located off the northwest coast of Europe, the United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The British monarchy has reigned for centuries and is an integral part of Great Britain’s history. A tour to Great Britain and Northern Ireland will take you to centuries-old castles and cathedrals, ancient sites such as Stonehenge and historical palaces. Visit quaint towns and villages, manicured gardens and experience great theater, iconic museums and incredible shopping.

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View of the peaceful island of Santorini on an escorted Greek  vacation


A Greece vacation offers the beauty and magnificence, ancient history, historic ruins and fabulous cuisine. Bordered to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, the east by the Aegean Sea and the west by the Ionian Sea, sun-drenched beaches are everywhere. Discover a rich culture as you step back in time and see ancient history before your eyes in the land of Greek Gods. Walk in the footsteps of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. (Some tours may include such Greek islands as Mykonos, Rhodes or Santorini).

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View of the Budapest on an escorted Hungary vacation


A Hungary vacation will introduce you the fascinating history of this cultural-rich country that is located in Central Europe. Historic and unique, it boasts over 1,500 thermal spas, magnificent centuries-old cathedrals, palaces and medieval houses. The storied Danube River flows directly through the heart of Budapest, its capital city. Long associated with the tradition of classical music, it was home to such Hungarian composers as Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály. Throughout your tour, see historic buildings that mainly feature stunning Roman, Greek and Turkish architecture.

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Aerial view of Reykjavík on an escorted Iceland vacation


An Iceland tour will take you to a unique and amazing world. A destination like no other, this magnificent Nordic island nation is situated midway between North America and mainland Europe, just below the Arctic Circle and its people have a Viking heritage. Known as the “land of fire and ice,” because it is home to both active volcanos and glaciers, it also boasts vast lava plains, lovely lakes, sparkling waterfalls, spouting geysers and towering mountains. Iceland’s stunning capital and largest city is Reykjavik, meaning “Smokey Bay,” and runs on geothermal power.

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View of the Giant's Causeway on an escorted Ireland vacation


A tour of Ireland welcomes you with stunning landscapes, ancient castles, rolling green hills and warm friendly people. Visit the iconic cities of Dublin, Belfast and Shannon along with quaint villages, learn about Ireland's myths and legends, and take in the beauty all around this Emerald Isle. See the many magnificent castles throughout this magical land. Many are from Medieval times with spectacular turrets and all are storied with fascinating histories, legends and myths. Feel the past come alive as you see and touch centuries-old living history where people once called home.

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Beautiful view of Tuscany on an escorted Italy vacation


An Italian vacation offers the natural beauty as the country is bordered by the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, as well as the beautiful Alps in the north. Explore cities and towns rich in history, as the country dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. Natural beauty is everywhere in Italy, from the north to the south. Discover such cities as Rome, Venice and Florence and see such places as Lake Como and the Dolomites.

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View of the Adriatic Sea on an escorted Montenegro vacation


A Montenegro tour will introduce you to what is being called the “new Monaco,” located on the beautiful Adriatic Coast. Gorgeous pink sand beaches, stunning mountains and world-class dining create an ideal paradise for an amazing vacation filled with great history, unique culture and beautiful scenery. Its beautiful coastline is dotted with charming fortified towns, including Kotor, situated on a bay near the limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovcen.

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View of Amsterdam on an escorted Netherlands vacation


A vacation to the Netherlands offers an insight into this unique country located in northwestern Europe, with Holland, one of its most popular regions, on its western coast. Holland is known for its many canals, windmills, bike routes and beautiful tulip fields. Holland was also the home of many great artists including Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh whose works can be viewed in some of the world’s greatest museums located in and around Amsterdam.

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View of the Norwegian coastline on an escorted Norway vacation


Welcome to beautiful Norway, a Nordic Country in Northern Europe that offers a perfect family-friendly vacation choice. Nature-lovers, adventure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts will marvel at the breathtaking mountains, glaciers and coastal fjords of this delightful Scandinavian country. Visit quaint towns and unique cities, filled with museums, restaurants and pubs. Understand Viking history, learn about Norwegian culture as your discover the beauty and charm of this country on an escorted Norwegian vacation.

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View of Warsaw on an escorted Poland vacation


Discover the unique culture and history that is introduced on a tour or Poland. Poland is located in Central Europe, bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north and the Tatra Mountains to the south. Stroll through the small towns, lake areas and forests and view imposing castles, vibrant cities and several UNESCO World Heritage Sties. Enjoy a myriad of restaurants, cafés, museums and history at almost every turn. Explore vibrant cities that were rebuilt after WWII and show the incredible changes that Poland has endured through the centuries.

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View of the Douro river on an escorted Portugal vacation


Immerse yourself in many wonders and delights on a Portugal vacation. Neighbored by Spain, much of the southern European country with much of its border on the Atlantic Ocean. Discover cosmopolitan cities, hilly lands with world-famous vineyards, lovely windmills and beautiful beaches.

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View of Moscow's Red Square on an escorted Russia vacation


Discover incredible places on a fascinating Russia vacation. As the world’s largest country, it covers almost twice the territory of Canada, extending across all of northern Asia and the eastern third of Europe. Step back in time as you discover an incredible history, as this culture-rich destination boasts amazing sights, including stunning landscapes and the storied Volga River, the country’s “highway” since medieval times.

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View of Bratislava on an escorted Slovakia vacation


On a Slovakia tour you will find a delightful mixture of picture-perfect towns with winding streets, Gothic churches, cafés and castles. Located in Central Europe, Slovakia is situated against a backdrop of wooden churches, snow-capped Tartra Mountains, forests and the Danube River. The country has a vibrant history and heritage all ready to be explored. Slovakia’s renowned geothermal waters and spas entice visitors with their soothing qualities.

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Aerial view of Lake Bled on an escorted Slovenia vacation


A Slovenia tour offers something special to travelers looking for a unique and beautiful destination. Half the size of Switzerland, the small Central European country is nestled between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, while also bordered by the Julian Alps and the Adriatic coastline. With majestic mountains and sparkling lakes, rivers, lush forests and magnificent caves, it is a nature-lover’s dream.

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View of Barcelona's famous Park Guel on an escorted Spain vacation


Fabulous offerings are awaiting on a Spain vacation. Located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, the country is south of France and east of Portugal, with coastlines on the part of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bay of Biscay and the stunning Mediterranean Sea. Discover its unique culture, history and fabulous food and flamenco dancing, which originated in Andalusia.

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Aerial view of the Stockholm's Gamla Stan on an escorted Sweden vacation


A Sweden vacation introduces this stunning Scandinavian country, bordered by Norway and Finland. Sweden is well known for its glimmering lakes, lush forests and majestic mountains in the “Land of Lakes and Castles.” Visit the captivating cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, each with its own character, history and unique architectural styles.

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View of the beautiful Lake Lucerne on an escorted Switzerland vacation


A Switzerland tour will offer an exciting time in this gorgeous Central European country, filled with majestic mountains, including the views of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa -- its highest peaks. See crystal-clear lakes, quaint Alpine towns, breathtaking vistas, including the legendary Swiss Alps, lush forests and glaciers as you surround yourself with stunning landscapes. The iconic cities of Geneva, Zurich and Lucerne are not to be missed.

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